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Evaan International, Certified Excellence: ISO 9001, Leather Naturally, Zed Bronze

At Evaan International, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality and sustainability. We are certified with ISO 9001, ensuring rigorous standards in our manufacturing processes. Our Leather Naturally certification signifies our dedication to environmental stewardship and ethical leather production. Additionally, achieving Zed Bronze status showcases our efforts in minimizing our environmental impact. 

Discover why Evaan International is trusted as a premier Leather Exporter in India.

Explore our certifications in ISO 9001, Leather Naturally, and Zed Bronze to understand our commitment to quality, sustainability, and ethical practices. Learn more about us today.


ISO Certified 9001

Certified Factory

Leather Naturally Certificate

Evaan Bronze Certificate

Zed Bronze

Top Leather Exporter and Manufacturer in India

"Discover timeless elegance with Evaan International's premium leather collection. From exquisite belts to durable pet products and top-quality raw materials, experience luxury crafted in every stitch."

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